At Mumbai Local we are all about giving you bustling flavours, bringing the rustic and diverse delicacies of Indian street cuisine under one roof. Freshly prepared, individually made and tailored to your taste buds, to leave a lasting impression that you simply can’t get away from. Experience the intensity of the atmosphere and aroma, and come and liberate your mind and belly.

This week’s specials

From our menu

LAmb curry

lamb | bay laurel leaves | cumin seeds | curry seeds

LAmb sabji

lamb | carrots | cauliflower | peas | onions | tomatoes | garam masala | curry sauce

LAmb qorma

lamb | cheese cream sauce | turmeric | peas | cashews | almonds | raisins

mutton rogan josh

lamb | paneer | bell peppers | onions | coconut rasp | red curry sauce

chicken curry

chicken | ground cumin | garam masala | curcuma | curry leaves

chicken tikka gravy

grilled chicken | bell peppers | onions | tomatoes | yoghurt | tomato curry sauce

chicken mango

chicken | mango curry sauce

butter chicken

tandoori chicken | butter tomato cream sauce

Best best, the best restaurant in Germany not only in Berlin. Been to many restaurants in Berlin, but nothing beats this. Pav bhaji and Missal beat some of the bests in Mumbai too..! Definitely my favorite restaurant in Germany. Good ambiance, food, and staff. If you crave Mumbai’s street food, this is the place!"

Rick Stuart

Offers a refreshing take on Indian food. Bright and modern, with an innovative menu you won't find anywhere else. Listen to some modern Indian EDM for the final touch. Refreshingly modern.

Felix Francois

I am over from Australia visiting friends, I’ve been here before but not for dinner. There were 5 of us and we shared two chaat samplers, which were delicious, and everyone had a different main. I was craving the vada Pav which I’d been craving. Delicious and spicy. Everyone was delighted. I wish you’d open up in Australia!! Totally delicious.

James Pattinson